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This project has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme


Dr. Josef RAABE Slovensko (Slovakia)

The publishing house RAABE was founded in Slovakia in 1999 as a branch of the Czech publisher. In January 2005 it gained its independent status and since then the company has been operating as Dr. Josef Raabe Slovensko, s. r. o.  This publishing house of specialised literature is a member of the Klett group – nowadays one of the leading publishers of educational literature in Europe. 

The seat of the Klett group is Stuttgart in Germany. It has 59 companies in 34 locations in 15 countries and it is one of the most prominent educational companies in Europe. RAABE provides expert information mostly to directors and headmasters of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, all educators and other people working in education area as well as medical doctors. The company’s goal is to be a professional and reliable partner in finding solutions to both specific and everyday needs of school managements as well as pedagogists and other professionals in education.

The efficient headmaster, engaged teacher and competent student – that is the vision of the RAABE company that publishes books and other materials, methodical resources, journals and worksheets. It also provides professional education and individual consultations. With its popular teaching materials for teachers and worksheets for students the company successfully combines traditional and modern teaching methods. All materials are based on state education programmes. They are very valuable teaching resources and they often serve as a substitute for missing textbooks at schools.


Heydukova 12 – 14
811 08 Bratislava
Slovenská republika  


Mgr. Mária Zelenková

The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (Czech Republic)

The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen is the only public institute of higher education located in the Pilsen region. The university has nine faculties with more than 60 departments and two university institutes of upper education. Today nearly 14,000 students can choose from a wide range of bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree programmes. 

The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen has an important position among universities in the Czech Republic as well as within the European university education space.  The university strengthened its tradition of European higher education at the end of 2012 when it gained the ECTS Label (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) which certifies that the study environment at this university fully meets European standards. The Faculty of Education  as a part of the university develops  a wide range of programmes offering the life-long learning and those are mainly  focused on further education for teachers.

Univerzitní ul., č. orientační 8
č.p. 2732, 306
14 Plzeň
Česká republika 


PhDr. Ing. Ota Kéhar

Trnava University in Trnava (Slovakia)

Historical Trnava University (TU) represents one of the oldest universities in Slovakia. Trnava University was founded by Cardinal Peter Pázmaň in 1635. Contemporary Trnava university in Trnava was established by the National Council of Slovak Republic pursuant to Act No. 191/1992 and came into effect on 1st of July 1992. The Faculty of Education was together with the Faculty of Humanism one of its two constitutive faculties.

It was established by the academic senate of Trnava University on 1st of September 1992. The Faculty of Education and the whole Trnava University still continues in the famous history, values and the heritage of the original Trnava University (1635 – 1777) which was based on christian tradition. Historical Trnava University  as a centre of education in middle European region was pushing forward the town and its surroundings into the European context. The Faculty of Education of Trnava University is one of the five faculties and it is the only one that provides education of the teachers. It guarantees and provides the complex education of teachers for primary and secondary schools through accredited educational programmes. It also offers non-teaching education in the field of social pedagogy and tutorage. The successful professional careers of the university graduates are the confirmation of the quality level of the educational process at Trnava University.

Hornopotočná 23
918 43 TRNAVA
Slovenská republika


doc. PaedDr. Kristína Žoldošová, PhD.

Primary School with Kindergarten of King Svätopluk in Šintava (Slovakia)

Primary school with kindergarten in Šintava was established as a part of clergyman´s house. The first report about the school comes from the 16th century. In 1779, the school had one classroom with the flat for the teacher and the organist.

In 1958, the new building of the school was finished and given to the Šintava village. The education process at the new school started on 4th January 1959. The school was completed to its final version in 1975 when there were opened new gym, after school club and school canteen. The philosophy of the school is to be an open school, which will serve as a centre of education, sport and culture. Primary school with kindergarten of king Svätopluk is providing preelementary education and lower and upper primary education.

Mierové námestie 10
925 51 Šintava
Slovenská republika  


The Primary School of J. Guth-Jarkovský, Prague (Czech Republic)

The Primary School of J. Guth-Jarkovský is a primary school, proposing 9 - level education structure (from first to ninth grade), consisting of elementary school (from 1st to 5th grade) and middle school (from 6th to 9th grade). The school´s motto is: two cultures, three languages that is the Italian culture and the Czech culture; the Italian, Czech and English languages.

The school is supported by the Ministry of Education of Czech Republic, by the Embassy of Italy in Prague, and they happily acknowledge the financial support of Assicurazioni Generali. The school´s goal is to forge a citizen of Europe and of the world whose roots are in the Italian and Czech rich cultures, and who masters the English language, both as a lingua franca and as a key tool for the high-tech world we live in. Graduates of the school are well prepared to continue their studies in the Czech Republic and in Italy, and, if they wish, they will enhance their opportunity to enter English-speaking schools. The school provides education according to its own educational programme, only pupils from fifth year work according to state educational programme „Primary School“.

Truhlářská 22,
Praha 1, 110 00 
Česká republika


Mgr. Kateřina Vogel Bulínová

Stiftung Louisenlund – boarding school (Germany)

Louisenlund was founded by Friedrich, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein in 1949. The founding family was motivated to achieve its aims by a strong desire to offer young people the chance to meet the challenges of the day and to serve society as a whole. Since 1978 Louisenlund has been a member of Round Square, a worldwide organization of renowned independent schools.

Louisenlund is a state-recognised, independent school, with 350 students and 130 staff members and is one of the largest and best-known boarding schools in Germany. The educational spectrum in Louisenlund includes career training, multilingual programmes and a wide variety of social activities, combining learning and living in a unique way. The studies at this school have a strong international outlook. Students learn to articulate themselves in several languages and to apply these skills in class. They learn to shape their views on a world which is undergoing a continuous process of globalisation. For these reasons education is not only focused on language acquisition but also on understanding different international perspectives.

Louisenlund 9
24357 Güby


M7 (Slovakia)

The company M7 was established originally as Media7 ltd. in March 2003 by Julius Kristofik. At the beginning, it was a small company of computer devotees who were bringing innovative solutions in fast changing internet area. The main aim of the company was to produce multimedia, web pages and providing hosting services.

In 2004, the company has changed its name to M7 ltd. It is focused on programming the webpages and information systems made-to-measure. It is actively cooperating with advertising agencies on creative part of their products. The company together with advertising agencies offers to the customer complex solutions from strategies through creativeness to the development, technical provision and support. Since the year 2005, the company has been cooperating with Mr. Luboslav Janovec, who has become the partner of the company in 2011.

The important milestone in company´s life is the year 2015, when it won the selection procedure for providing Complex counselling system of preventing and influencing of social-pathological phenomena in school environment (primary schools in Slovakia). The project is known as KomposyT in Slovakia and the company got special appreciation ITAPA 2015 for it. Since 2002, ITAPA is the most important and the biggest event in Slovakia in terms of informatisation of public administration (eGovernment).

Štúrova 11
81102 Bratislava
Slovenská republika


Ľuboslav Janovec

I - S.K.Y.P.E

Interactive Science for Kids and Youngsters in Primary Education