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This project has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme



The end of the project I – S.K.Y.P.E. – we are at the finish line


Project I – S.K.Y.P.E. (Interactive Science for Kids and Youngsters in Primary Education) officially reached its end on 30th June 2019. After almost 3 years of intensive cooperation at the international level, we have created 4 intellectual project outputs. To create them was our aim at the beginning and they are all available in their final versions, so all the teachers can use them freely at their lessons. Final outputs can be found in the section Project Objectives where you can download them whenever you want.

On behalf of the project coordinator, I would like to thank to all who participated in the project activities and contributed to the project during its lifetime in any way. I would like to thank also to all project partners for the great cooperation not only at the intellectual outputs creation but also for their participation at the transnational project meetings and administration of the project.

We believe that created intellectual outputs of the project have fulfilled their aim and they will be the perfect tool and working method for all teachers to improve their teaching of science-based subjects at lower primary education.

I - S.K.Y.P.E

Interactive Science for Kids and Youngsters in Primary Education